A different kind of Christian film


At NRO, Anne Morse reviews the film Machine Gun Preacher, the gritty, R-rated true story of criminal-turned-Christian-vigilante Sam Childers. A sample:
Viewers will have some juicy moral dilemmas to discuss over their pizza afterward: What does justice look like? Does God really support what Sam does? And is it ever right for civilians to kill in order to save innocents -- even in a lawless country where no government will intervene to stop the attacks? The real Sam Childers appears as the credits rolls by to answer that question: “If someone took your son or daughter, and you asked me to find them, would you question the way I would do it?” he asks.

Clearly, Machine Gun Preacher is not my mother’s Christian film.
Meanwhile, Christianity Today offers a thoughtful and balanced perspective on recent rumors "that Childers has exaggerated or outright lied about his work in [Sudan]."

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I suppose one useful conversation regarding this is "How broadly shall we take 'I have become all things to all men'?"

Another VERY useful conversation, I think, is "how shall the Western post-modern generation(s) be reached with the Gospel?"

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