Obama People Shredding the Evidence

While under the supervision of former Governor and current Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, the Kansas health department shredded the evidence in a critical Planned Parenthood case, says WORLD magazine.


Sibelius, Holder & Obama Administration
The New Left has been driven by a spirit of lawlessness since it reared its ugly head in the late 1960's. The ultimate aim, no matter how they try to dress it up in civil rights rhetoric has been to destroy western, Judaeo-Christian culture. Given the mass of contradictions that characterises the Left, their anti-Christian bent is the only consistent theme througout. They are really about ABC (anything but Christianity). It is not right that Sibelius, or anyone, should shred documents, rather than standing for the truth. It is not right that Obama and Holder, in complete defiance of the Constitution and proper legislative process, decided to set aside DOMA and that they would not prosecute black-on-white racial intimidation, as occurred in the last couple of elections. These people should be impeached and removed from office, along with as many of their ilk as possible. On the other side, we should make forcefully and abundantly clear the truth claims of the Gospel and the God who gave it.
Shredding the Evidence
If Sebelius can justify shredding evidence and Eric Holder can justify ignoring the DOMA, then it would appear that the rule of law has little, if any, place in the Obama administration.
Of COURSE they are! Planned Parenthood makes its living from abortions! Anything that might impair their income is something to be avoided at all costs! And then, there are the others: those who have given their minds, souls and hearts to a LIE! We are slowly--ever so slowly--making progress against the lies and the greed. They WILL lose this war!
If they can shred a human,
...shredding a legal document is even easier to justify.
This surprises me not at all.

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