Coming to a pool near you?

A French news crew wandered into a British neighborhood and was told a public pool was for Muslims only. During the same week, we have this story from France, in which two Muslim women were escorted out of a pool (to the outrage of their husbands, who threatened violence) because they were wearing "burkinis" in violation of pool hygiene rules.

It appears that wherever Muslims become a majority--such as in that British neighborhood--there are efforts to intimidate non-Muslims and impose a form of sharia law on them. But in France, we see efforts to fight back against this. The French view it as a violation of human rights (and the values of France) for men to force female relatives to wear burkas, even while swimming. While the Muslim bathers were not attempting to impose sharia law on other swimmers, who doubts that they would have attempted to do so if their numbers in this neighborhood grew?

Paul Marshall and Nina Shea discuss the effort to impose sharia law in their new book, Silenced: How Apostasy & Blasphemy Codes Are Choking Freedom Worldwide. The book discusses how, beginning with the 1989 fatwa against novelist Salmon Rushdie, author of The Satanic Verses, "Western filmmakers, legislators, writers, journalists, political analysts, social activists, religious dissidents, and cartoonists have been targeted . . . ostensibly only to protect Islam from criticism and rejection" but also to "serve the narrower political purpose of shielding from criticism those who claim the right to rule in the name of Islam."

After the Sept. 11 attacks, "this trend intensified . . . as Islam and Muslim governments were publicly scrutinized, criticized, and sometimes ridiculed in the West to an extent never seen or permitted in Muslim lands." The response of many Muslim-majority states, the authors write, "including those that describe themselves as 'secular,' has been to demand that Western governments punish all those within their borders who have purportedly insulted Islam."

In so doing, Marshall and Shea note, these leaders "have departed from a long tradition, based on the opinion of Islamic leagal scholars, that offenses committed by non-Muslims in non-Muslim countries are no concern of Islamic law. "

There's much more here, and I encourage you to read the book.


Lee, I already knew about the pugnacious behavior of Moslems before Huntington wrote his book from writer's that lived long before Huntington was born.
Honestly, the whole thing sounds cowardly and despicable to me. It makes the French appear as people who are afraid they don't have enough self-respect to stand up for their own culture and therefore must overcompensate by bullying innocent women. If they actually were forced to where burquas that would be one thing. But not all of them were, and in any case I presume France already has laws against domestic abuse.
Golly - has it really been four years since this comic strip got censored by WaPo and at least 24 other newspapers?

(caveat lector)

And good grief, when even a burkini is too Western for you, ...

But Breathed's transformation of his "Lola Granola" character into "Fatima Struggle" was absolutely classic. Even if it was quite naughty, like the rest of the strip. I'll be fascinated to watch as Muslims in the USA begin to force public decency codes on non-Muslim women who weren't even born in the bra-burning era of the 1960s, and who therefore kinda assume they can dress almost any eye-popping way they please. "Death to the infidels!"?

(By the way, how do you keep an impulsive book buyer/reader busy? Give him a copy of Samuel Huntington's "The Clash of Civilizations and the Remaking of World Order" in paperback for when the plane is taking off and landing, and "Prisoner of Conscience: One Man's Crusade for Global Human and Religious Rights" by Frank Wolf and Anne Morse for on the ground and above 10,000 ft.)
Wearing French swimwear or lack thereof is a little to much assimilation to expect.
Anne, it's wonderful to see you writing here again,

We're assured that Muslims want to assimilate into the culture of the country, just like any other ethnic or religious group. The evidence is strongly otherwise - except that they have learned very well how to take advantage of public funds, for restricted use!

Gina, both hyperlinks in the first paragraph point to the same article. And, yet another book for an impulse purchase. ;-)
If that was my wife I would be outraged too.
What ARE the values of France anyway?
It's a wonder that women wearing burkinis dare go into water...I can't imagine trying to stay afloat with all the fabric.

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