Christmas Gift Ideas for the Thoughtful Pointificator

If you have already purchased multiple copies of Rep. Frank Wolf's wonderful new book, Prisoner of Conscience (on which I happened to collaborate), buy Eric Metaxas's new book, Socrates in the City: Conversations on Life, God, and Other Small Topics. It's a collection of some of the best of the Socrates in the City lectures by the likes of Peter Kreeft ("Making Sense Out of Suffering"), Sir John Polkinghorne ("Belief in God in an Age of Science"), Richard John Neuhaus ("Can an Atheist Be a Good Citizen?"), Os Guinness ("The Case for Civility--and Why Our Future Depends on It"), and our own Chuck Colson ("The Good Life: Seeking Purpose, Meaning, and Truth in Your Life").

You may never have a chance to travel to New York to hear the speakers in person, but now you can get a taste of Socrates in the City through this book, along with Eric's colorful and humorous introductions.


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