Hope Sprouts in Britain

BrusselSprouts_1424514c For months, I've been thinking that not only will the sun finally set on the British Empire, it will set on Britain itself. The country seems to be losing its mind: from the Archbishop of Canterbury suggesting that British Muslims be able to live under Sharia Law, to a new law that will force religious organizations--including churches--to hire people who do not share their beliefs.

But now, I see a sprout of hope--and good old common sense. 

(Image © James Fraser for the Telegraph)


Well after all, we know that Brussel's Sprouts are a poor replacement for rum, hardtack, and salt pork. Especially the rum.
I empathize. I was always afraid of Brussels Sprouts as a child because my big brothers called them "Monster Eyes". Now I just hate the smell and the taste.

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