Down syndrome and the Nazis

Quite the lively discussion going on over at The Point Radio on whether aborting unborn babies with Down syndrome is in their best interest. John Stonestreet participates, defending his position in Monday's broadcast, I Am the 10%.

Join in and let him know what you think: Is selective abortion (which eliminates handicapped individuals in utero) a product of the same philosophy which led to the racist genocides of the 20th century?


Shane, you are an excellent thinker and writer, and you work alongside the best of the best.

So if I quibble a bit with you over your use of the words "lively discussion" to describe what is going on over this topic, I hope you'll understand it's merely about your choice of adjective and noun, not about the topic itself nor your posting here. Consider it an honest question from someone who doesn't work with words as much as you do. For me it's a bit like seeing dogs lunging for each others' throats at full speed and hearing someone exclaim "Oh, look - they're playing!"

(Fortunately for us, Mr. Stonestreet is a highly trained and disciplined Doberman. I was going to say "German Shepherd", but in view of the topic...)

So until I hear otherwise, I'm going to assume that when you wrote those words, your keyboard was dripping with irony.

(Aside to Gina and Kim: Clearly that phrase derives from the days when quill pens were dipped into inkwells. Has someone created similar phrases for our technological age? Anymore when I use a pen I find myself struggling with a rather unfamiliar instrument. But if I were to say "having the electrons in every bit and byte all charmed with irony", it would probably make sense only to Regis - if at all. And I suppose I could come up with geekier phrases. Just wondering.)
Absolutely, it's the same mind-set! And we are in danger of becoming (?) the new Germany, the new Rawanda! What we thought the greatest country in history could never become, we are becoming!

On the other hand, this fits perfectly with Obama/Soetoro's plans to rip us apart. For a 'being' who promised to unite us, he has done nothing but set us against each other and rend the fabric of our beloved country apart! He and his pro-abortion mind-set are all it takes to permanently ruin us!

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