To Middle-Earth and Back Again -- After 9 Years

With the gracious permission of our editor, I interrupt this BreakPoint Blog Christmas break for a theatrical trailer amazing enough to miss second breakfast for. 2012 may prove to be a long year...


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You mean Mater has an Auntie? Why wasn't she in the Cars movies???
“Stray” Off-topic? Did You Say “Stray”???
Lee, you are more gracious and charitable than adjectives can convey.

Speaking of adjectives and thereby not “straying” off the newly-established topic….

Perhaps the word we are seeking is elusive because it, and ‘avuncular’, its cousin (so to speak), fall into the category of ‘neglected matters’. ‘Avuncular’ is not commonly used these days, and its female counterpart, I submit, has completely fallen out of use.

For you see, being *counterpart* to “a neglected matter” necessarily makes our elusive adjective an “anti-matter”.

Which – don’t you agree? -- would explain why it has fallen out of use: i.e. “auntie-mater” (the original spelling of the word) just doesn’t sound much like an adjective.
I just hope she doesn't mess his hair up too bad - then he'd need some auntidepressants.
My dear, dear SBK, beloved fellow-traveler and seeker of the return of the King, there may come a day when the YOD lies shattered, in pieces, awaiting someone to re-forge it, and a worthy successor to wield it; a day when the purpose of blog entries fail, and all stray off-topic - but that is not *this* day. So, I'll carefully say this: whatever the proper relationship between Galadriel and Gandalf should be, any reaching of her hand toward his face and caressing a lock of his hair, as depicted, is certainly auntithetical to it.
LQ: hah. "Avauntageous" Love it. And I did quickly search and see "materteral" but I showed my age and didn't trust a quick google search 100%.

Let's decided what else would work.

Give me some others :)
"(hmmm, I don't know the appropriate female adjective for avuncular)"

If I was in Rolley-mode I would respond "Avauntageous! :-)"

If I was in Jason-mode I would respond "Actually, it's materteral."
Some good background discussion on Middle-Earth LQ and Jason!

PS: I agree with Kelvin about Faramir's character. Worst decision.

It is my ... hope... that the trailer was showing something more approaching avuncular concern (hmmm, I don't know the appropriate female adjective for avuncular) rather than some kind of flirtation.
Listen to her!
Funny. That's what my mother always tells me.
Jason! You'd better be eating!
If everyone had the same single-mindedness of purpose and seriousness in pursuing the answer to every question as me then no one would eat.
Ah, well, Jason dear friend, it wasn't a *serious* question. Nevertheless, you're always faithful enough to give a serious answer.

Thank you.

And thanks also for the interesting diversion into the lore surrounding this work. My request for clarification wasn't all that serious either, but once again you offer a dignified reply.

Thank you again.

Sometimes I think if everyone had the same single-mindedness of purpose and seriousness as you, when it comes to pursuing answers to every question no matter how seemingly small, then everyone would be a Christian. Bravo, sir.
Istari were a specific order of Maiar charged with a specific mission. Melian was a Maiar as well. Thingol and Melian were as close as one can get to answering your question.
Hmmm, Jason; I get it that Luthien's dad Thingol is an elf, and that her mom Melian is of the Maiar as is Gandalf. But Melian is of the race of Ainur, while Gandalf is an Istari - those don't seem to be the same. Please clarify.

If I study Tolkien's wizards until I'm very old, will that make me an ancient Istarian? ;-)

Eleven months until the film - that's a long time to sit here Tolkien about it...
I Once Had a Pigeon Named Immanuel Kant
So named because he was strangely silent. That’s right – Kant never cooed.

(Just checking to make sure Gina did in fact come back from vacation).
The way I heard it...
Immanuel Kant, but Genghis Khan.
Fiat Risum, Pereat Mundus
I’m sure you heard about the German philosopher who brought suit to procure rights to amend the defective script prior to filming. Unfortunately, he lost.

Worse still, the judge, an imperious Englishman, had the brass to underscore the philosopher’s failure to obtain the script by shouting, “You Kant hobbit!”
Before I go see this, I will have to re-read The Hobbit.
You call her Luthien Tinuviel, Lee.
Back to Bagend
Looking forward to the prequel to the great metanarrative. I wonder if there will be any inclusion of the enigmatic Tom Bombadil and his wife in this one, as they were omitted from the first installment.
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