Happy 100th birthday, Francis Schaeffer!

I'm told that Chuck Colson and Timothy George have a tribute to Schaeffer in the current print issue of Christianity Today, but alas, it doesn't seem to have been put online yet. However, while we're waiting for that, here's a warm tribute by Barbara Challies, mother of blogger Tim Challies, to the man who helped her "lay a new foundation for Christian living." Also, Tim is giving away two sets of The Complete Works of Francis Schaeffer.


The Shoulders of Giants
I have studied apologetics, worldview and cultural analysis for over thirty years and my first introduction was from Francis Schaeffer. Later came Lewis, Mcdowell, Zacharias, Guinness and others. But some of these were also touched by his ministry.And if we see a new Reformation in the church, I sincerely believe that Schaeffer and the rest will have a pivotal role in influencing the church in embracing truth once again.

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