. . . And Komen wimps out

Holy cow, that was fast! Given everything they've just said about PP, I wonder how they can possibly justify this reversal.


Speaking of bowing to political pressure . . .
Donations to both organizations have skyrocketed. Hmmm - maybe PFM should declare it's separating from Focus On The Family or someone like that, and see if the dollars suddenly roll in...

...That is, if PFM were an ends-justify-the-means organization, which I know it isn't.
Brains are not the anatomical feature regarded as distinguishing women, William.
Do women have brains?
1. Women have brains.
2. Early stage embryos don't have brains.
3. Therefore, early stage embryos aren't women.
" 'We want to apologize to the American public for recent decisions that cast doubt upon our commitment to our mission of saving women`s lives,' Komen said in a statement on Friday."

Saving women's lives? How many embryonic and fetal women are killed in utero at Planned Parenthood clinics every year?

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