Bringing Down the House

Eric Metaxas, who for two years was a member of the BreakPoint writing staff, was the guest speaker at this year's National Prayer Breakfast, held a few days ago at the Hilton in D.C. See him pictured here, making President Obama laugh. But after the jokes, Eric gently spoke truth to power regarding abortion, just as Mother Teresa did some years ago when she spoke at the National Prayer Breakfast.

You can watch Eric's 30-minute talk by clicking here.


This would be the same Eric Metaxas who was so horribly depressed as a young man - now, *invited*, **personally**, to address the leaders of the largest free nation in the world? God does indeed know the plans he has for us; plans to prosper and not to harm us, to give us hope and a future.

And speaking of that, waitaiminit - ***the*** Anne Morse??!?!? Our most dearly beloved and precious Annie??!? Well, I say "Glory hallelujah, and welcome back!"
Try this one:
The link?
Sorry, but the link to the 30-minute talk seems not to be working.
I saw perhaps the last 10 minutes on C-SPAN and it was quite enjoyable, both winsome and challenging.

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