On the Light Side: Commericals

Monday Evening:
This might sound a little peculiar, but around 10:30 PM or so, my husband asked me if I knew who won the Super Bowl 2012. "Umm," I replied. "Well, hmm."

Tuesday Morning:
While driving to work at 6:45, I turned on my radio and heard some helpful personality prattling on about Eli Manning. "Eli Manning," I asked myself, "which team does he play for." The radio personality switched topics. "Aargh."

Wednesday Afternoon:
Around 2:15 PM, I remembered that I still didn't know which team won. "Darn," I said to myself, "I missed the commercials. . . . Manning . . . aah, Giants."

Click to commercials. "Wow, I'll watch a few minutes... There's too many, I've got too much work left to finish."

Friday Afternoon:
"Drat, I still haven't watched all the commercials."

Friends, while I haven't seen all of them, here's my take on three plus one:

Coke: Disappointingly flat, the bears are usually cute.
Budweiser: Prohibition, really? Big bummer, second year that the story wasn't about the Clydesdales horses.
M & M: Sexy naked chocolate? You gotta be kidding me . . . well, maybe Godiva.

Drum Roll:
Doritos: Dog Bribing Man -- Laugh Out Loud Funny!

I'd like to know which ones you like or disliked.


But Gina, the message of "Coke makes everything right," ruins the awesomeness of Beethoven + Polar Bears. ={
Lee, Did you see the bear give a swift sniff when the Tuba was introduced? It spotted the camerman/woman. It thought, "Tonight's dinner!"

Hmmm - okay, to each their own.

So much for alleged "groupthink"... ;-)
Gina, Will make a note of law number four - Beethoven +. Now if I could only remember what law number three was. ;-()
No no no, you don't understand. Beethoven + polar bears = awesome. Always. It's one of the unwritten laws. (Well, I just wrote it, so I guess now it's one of the written laws.)
Beethoven must have been spinning in his grave. Poor guy! Mr. B- was innovative and compelling, so to have his masterpiece... breathe, Kim, breathe.

Lee, I plan to watch the ones you mentioned. I did see the one featuring Eastwood, and questioned why he was representing Detroit. However, one of my relatives said Eastwood made a movie that had to do with car in Detroit, maybe he said Detroit cars. Oh darn, I've forgotten which...
But . . . but . . . they played Beethoven with the polar bears! That automatically makes them un-lame!
I liked the Doritos "Sling Baby", even though it was predictable, and Best Buy's "Phone Innovators" because I'm a geek. My wife liked the Oikos yogurt one with John Stamos, and the Hyundai "Think Fast" one (but then, she's a nurse).

And the polar bears were indeed cute but somewhat lame - like most of the offering this year. The VW one didn't live up to expectations. And it seemed we got a lot of questionable morality of one form or another, including several featuring the co-worker of Tom Brady's wife. (I wonder if Bridget Moynahan watched the game?)

I was initially inspired by Clint Eastwood's "Halftime in America", but kept thinking "Waitaminit...".

So, as with the (cough) New England Patriots, Kim, better luck next year.
I didn't watch the super bowl either. I do remember some commercials I liked. Such as Hamms Beer: "From the land of sky-blue waters, waters, from the land of pines, lofty mountains, comes the beer refreshing."

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