Now that football season is over . . .

How about a little more Tim Tebow (sans the field, the ball, and the controversy)? 

First person who attempts to divine a hidden message will be tied to a chair in a dimly lit room and be subjected to reruns of every news report on "Tebowing" from last year. Enjoy!


Couldn't Polycarp have prayed on the beach?
If I remember my church history right, I believe it was Polycarp (a disciple of the apostle John) who recorded that the aged apostle had "knees like a camel" from praying so much. (May have had something to do with the rocky soil of Patmos as well).

Tim at least has knee pads when on the field. But more power to him, I say.
Do you think you can do a Liddel better?
Your puns about Christian athletes are so HAMMYton, Lee.
Spam I am!
If you engage in excessive (Tim) Tebowing, would your knees benefit from some (Jeremy) Liniment?
This complaint just in from Planned Parenthood:
It's obvious Tim Tebow continues to commit the egregious offense of being happy he was born.

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