'Reason Rally' Not So Reasonable?

Tom Gilson -- writer with Campus Crusade/Cru, editor of Thinking Christian, and a columnist for BreakPoint -- had plans to visit the atheist Reason Rally with other Christians, to provide gifts, materials, and respectful dialogue to anyone who was interested.Then he received an email from David Silverman, president of American Atheists, basically ordering his group of Christians to keep their mouths shut or else. If they didn't want Christians to attend, perhaps the atheists should have considered hosting this on private property.

But perhaps that's not the whole story, because they have extended an invitation to one supposedly Christian group . . . the Westboro Baptist Church.

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One more time
I suppose the invitation to Westboro demonstrates once again the truism of the old adage: Birds of a feather flock together.
In the Pen
It looks like Silverman's plans for that church is to have them placed in the "First Amendment pen." It also looks like he is inviting your group to the same pen, under escort! I quote from his response - as you listed it:

"Those who proselytize or interfere with our legal and well-deserved enjoyment will be escorted to the 1st Amendment pen by security, which will be plentiful, where you can stand with the Westborough [sic] Baptists and shout yourselves hoarse."

Did Jefferson's letter to the Danbury Baptists mention anything about a pen or police escort? Strange times, these...
Just a note of clarification: executives with the National Atheist Party extended the invitation to Westboro Church. It's not at all clear that the main organizers of the event agree with that. Nevertheless, a warm and friendly invitation was sent to Westboro, and days later, event organizers told our group, "Make no mistake, you are not welcomed there." It's still most incongruous, regardless of who did what.

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