How to win over an atheist

The members of Sand Springs Baptist Church in Athens, Texas., show how it's done. By turning the other cheek and showing generosity, they helped atheist Patrick Greene experience a Grinch-like change of heart about the local Nativity scene. What a classy bunch of Christians!

(H/T John Stonestreet)


No Mike. The first time the world saw, it saw dining with publicans and harlots. The second time the world saw preaching to goyim. The third time it saw refusing to worship Caesar.


It would be useful for the world to see love. But it is more important that there be love. What the world sees is secondary.
Yes, maybe it's time for us to start changing the world from within (starting from within us) rather an from the outside first. Jesus said the world would know us as His disciples from our love. But is that what the world usually sees first?
Whoa, dude(ess)
Gina, are you insinuating that MAYBE we should abandon the culture wars and truly love oue enemies? (yes, my tongue is firmly in my cheek; I think it's starting to cramp!)
Wow, I almost posted about this as well. Word gets around on Gospel Coalition.

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