A bit of Dickens

If you're watching the new version of Great Expectations on PBS, you might like to check out my review of the book at Youth Reads. You might also be interested in Dickensblog's raffle, in which we're offering a copy of the DVD. This is for the Dickensblog charity fundraiser, which is raising money for a children's hospital and for human trafficking victims. All you have to do is make a donation here, here, or here (it can be a small donation!) and notify me that you've made it. The drawing will be held April 9.


Whoever sent the anonymous donation, thank you SO much -- but I can't enter you in the raffle if I don't know who you are! :-) Feel free to contact me privately, if you want: gina_dalfonzo AT breakpoint DOT org
A wonderfully great expectation!

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