R.I.P., Chuck

It really hasn't sunk in yet that he's gone -- that I'll never again hear his (mostly) cheerful voice on the phone, or see him at an editorial meeting, eager for our script ideas. We will never work on another book together. He will never send me another “orange-gram,” as his writers called his memos, in which he outlined yet another idea for a writing project. He'll tell us no more stories about his trips to prisons or India or Eastern Europe, or about the interesting people he met at an airport. I thought this energetic man would live much longer.

His influence on my thinking was tremendous. I learned so much from Chuck over the 18 years I worked with him on BreakPoint scripts, Jubilee columns, books, and Christianity Today columns. I know I'll never have another boss like him.

Requiescat in pace, Chuck. And say “hello” to Wilberforce for me.


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