Nuttiness Chuck Would Have Pounced On

This is one of those nutty cultural ideas we would have brought to Chuck's attention to be considered for a BreakPoint script. I suspect that, after joking with his writers about people who do this kind of thing, he would have said that drive-by religion is no substitute for a church family, and that God probably would not think much of people who want all the benefits of church without the bother of spending an entire hour sitting in a pew.


It's quite ironic that many people seem to have little, if any, desire or time to spend building relationships with other believers and worshipping God down here, but apparently assume that will somehow magically change the moment we are called home.
And while I completely agree, Anne, that people should spend more time with God than they take to get a latte, I have to say that if they put these drive-thrus by the on-ramps of certain freeways, I'd be a regular visitor. "Anything you'd like to confess, sir, before you put yourself in grave danger?" "Hmm, why, yes, there is . . ."

Especially the freeways around D.C.

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