Yum, I Love Peas

I think we need a Jeff Foxworthy for the outrageous happenings in some academic and environmental circles. I'd suggest the comedian start much like Mr. Foxworthy, "You might be a . . ." but insert "radical misanthrope" instead of "redneck."

According to philosopher Michael Marder, we should not eat peas because they communicate with one another "biochemically." Plants, he maintains, are sensitive. Plants have feelings, too. Humans and animals should cease and desist from eating the sensitive ones. Now, one could call Marder a crank, except that he holds a position at a university, and his belief has become pretty widespread.

For instance, a number of months ago, I highlighted professors Eric Planka and Jeff McMahan. They, too, are radical in their beliefs. Planka wants strict population control, and McMahan wants to eradicate all carnivorous plants and animals.

I'd laugh at their absurd statements, except that they and other elites are dangerously influencing students and others.

Before we can combat their radical misanthropy, we have to know what fuels it. Thankfully, in his article "Good grief: Now, it’s pea personhood!," Wesley Smith gets to the heart of it: "devaluing humans."

If this continues to gain in popularity, and more laws are passed, I foresee increased starvation, and also an even higher prison population. After all, some of us are going to continue to feed the hungry, eat peas and other yummy plants ourselves, cut fresh flowers for vases (because they're beautiful), and eat meat because we're omnivores.


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