Racing for Prisoners' Kids: Follow-Up

My sincere thanks to all of you who donated to provide Storybook Dads kits to prisoners' children through my race yesterday. I'd hoped to raise enough to cover the costs for 12 Storybook Dads kits, but -- between those who donated at my page and Joe's fabulous pledge at The Point -- you all provided a total of TWENTY-SEVEN kits for TWENTY-SEVEN prisoners' kids! You all are the BEST!

My sincerest thanks to:

  • Joe -- wow, a kit per mile! THANKS!
  • Creation Waits Photography -- $50!! Yowza!
  • Dennis Babish -- thanks so much!
  • Zoe -- thank vous!
  • Ron Humphrey -- you're the best!
  • Anonymous -- (I know who you are, but your identity is safe with me!) Thanks tons!

Race details, for those interested, are below. THANKS all!


You actually had a target time? MY HERO! I would have been thrilled to finish in the same day. Oh by the way, a photo finish qualifies you for the next one...
OK, they corrected results to add my time, and ... ...I finished just 59 minutes after the race leader! So close ... practically a photo finish! PFFFFT!
Where's the sweet photo that they always post? Come on, Allen, you know you want to show everyone that "oops, was that the camera?" moment:)

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