Sometimes all you can do is laugh

John Mark Reynolds, a kind and merciful soul, ties himself in knots over how to bring a sensitive, self-aware, and compassionate Christian worldview to the viewing of terrible movies like Birdemic.

Me, I don't even try. I just go get the RiffTrax and have myself a grand time.


I saw this movie in 2011, not 2009.
...I regret to say, I watched this awful film back in 2009 at a sleepover with some of the guys. I can't remember who rented it, but in the end, we concluded that eating prior to and during the movie was a bad idea. Alfred Hitchcock, I imagine, rolled over in his grave more than once at the sight of this pathetic attempt to remake an all-time classic.

I did a little digging in my online adventures, and found:

-The budget for the movie was less than $10,000
-The film was largely self-financed
-Some critics agreed it was one of the worst films ever made

This critic agrees.
Dorothy L. Sayers indeed, but with just the barest hint of the wit of Dorothy *Parker*.

And to complete the tangling of the threads, plus legitimizing your"grand time", G, there's this:

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