Join John Stonestreet on the front lines

You may have already heard that John Stonestreet's latest Two-Minute Warning video is stirring up quite a ruckus. The title is "When Sex Got a Divorce."* A lot of people are watching it, both at that link and at our YouTube channel. Many are commenting on it, most of whom are debating with John. Our YouTube channel is notorious for loud and strong opposition any time we say anything about sex. It was this way when Chuck would speak out and it is still this way when John speaks out. (You may want to reread a post I did on this subject, "Into The Fray," some time ago.)

But here is the interesting part: John is engaging the debaters in the comments section on the YouTube channel. He has posted a number of thoughtful replies. He is doing great, though outnumbered. A few comments have been positive; most not. But the debate is good. Go over there and check it out at this address. And please join in the commenting! Some of you have on other occasions and it has made a difference.

In related news, Shane Morris's post on our Theme of the Week, "Sexual Brokenness, Part 1," is also getting a lot of traffic.

*Note: While you can see the same video from our Two-Minute Warning page (it is embedded there), you can only see the YouTube channel comments on the actual YouTube watch page.


Good response
A number of Christians and others have responded, and John has done a great job turning this into a discussion. If you have the time, click the YouTube link above and check out the discussion again. There have been over 54 comments, and what started out as mostly a negative comment field has turned into a fairly civil debate.

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