On faith, marriage, and family
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Sharon Hodde Miller has two excellent pieces at SheWorships.com, examining how Christians talk about sexuality, marriage, and parenthood, and how we could do better. She's especially good on the subject of how we've followed our culture's lead in making sex an idol, even though we try to do it in a "Christian" way. Go here and here to check out her posts.


don't separate sex from The Beloved
Sex is part of a couple's whole relationship. We all can see the damage to society (and especially to women & children) when "sex" is separated from love and vows.

Most of us know this. I agree with the comments here that discretion should guide one's comments on it.

Otherwise it seems that the rest of the marriage relationship...is forgotten...

And Christians (all of us) need to focus our minds on even our attitudes towards the opposite sex...in accordance with the Bible.

(PS is nice to see my mom sometimes flirt with my dad. What she does to protect his feelings as he struggles with various chronic health issues...is her great expression of love. He had prostate surgery a few years back so I doubt that sex is part of their relationship anymore, but after 50 plus years, their relationship has lots more levels to it...!)
There have been positive as well as negative aspects in this. It has caused a realization among Christians that sex is part of their lives rather then just something to be frightened of.

In any case decrying making sex an idol is a well placed criticism; modern culture in fact does and extremely so. However this must be modified by realizing that all cultures have an unfailing habit of regarding sex as Serious Business; they just express it differently.

One thing interesting is the modern growth of the Phariseeical Pervert. This species first idolizes sex and then proceeds to describe sex in terms that you would think more appropriate to orc-sex not human sex. And then casts self-righteous eyes on anyone that tries to be respectable. What seems to have disappeared is the old style sinner who at least accepts his or her status as a sinner and at least has good taste in their manner of sinning.

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