Two [G]ospels respond to the Colorado shooting

In answer to last night's deadly cinema shooting in Aurora, Coloardo, the liberal and traditional branches of modern Christianity are responding with their respective "gospels." As my friend Bart Gingerich points out at The Institute on Religion and Democracy's blogging community, these gospels point in radically different directions:

"Here we can make an interesting observation: in light of the shootings, Winkler and Mefford turn to partisan politics. Mohler turns to the cross. This is a tale of two gospels at work. One is the Social Gospel, enraptured with the cause of social betterment. In this view, God commissions the church to bring in His Kingdom through community organizing and well-crafted legislation. On the other hand is a Salvation Gospel, in which the world -- human beings -- writhe in sin, being hated and hating one another. God in Christ must come down to save men from their sin. Both call for a different kind of love. I have heard that these two approaches can play well in the sandbox. Nothing dispels that illusion like today’s proceedings."


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