Power without Wisdom

In a recent Washington Post article, George Will reveals a horrific story of federal power run amok. A hapless marine biologist, Nancy Black, is being relentlessly hounded by the feds. Her crime? Well, the feds aren't sure what it is, but once they started pursing her as a target, well, crime doesn't figure into the matter anymore.

Will says that laws "untethered from the common-law tradition" leaves federal bullies using their power without wisdom, at high cost to the person, their family, friends, colleagues.

Lady Justice's scales have been knocked out of her hand.


Imagine what they'd do to Jonah, who, after all, did *ask* to be thrown overboard . . .

I find myself less concerned that the USA is becoming a socialist state, and more concerned that it is becoming a fascist one. Either the federal enforcers destroy you, or gangs destroy you with federal tacit approval. "Express politically correct opinions, or you may be harassed, your career threatened, your property vandalized, your family threatened, . . . " Doesn't really matter if it's done by the Feds, Occupiers, labor union thugs, or Californian opponents of Prop 8 - the effect on you is the same.

I think I'd rather be eaten buy an orca than pursued by Leviathan.

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