More on the FRC shooting

At Acton Institute's PowerBlog and NRO's The Corner, respectively, Joe Carter and I share our thoughts on Leo Johnson and his courage.


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Thank you all for your prayers...this is something very important to me.
At this particular momment, Rolley, I at least would like a little more observable evidence for myself.
One is Never Off Topic When on “The Meta Topic”
For as someone has beautifully said: “even the smallest movement can take on grace and give God glory as we dance as He does” (did I quote that correctly? Why yes, I believe I did).

But not everything I say is pure rationalization: Anthony, in Christ people are never failures; they are only in varying degrees of glory (2 Cor 3:18). And you, my brave friend, shall have prayer as requested; and you shall dance.
Yes, I think I introduced the Iraq war to this thread. (But if anyone's upset, let's blame Kevin).

There's probably a difference between statecraft and self-craft (?). I was just thinking that revenge/self-defense may be a grayer area.

As for Ellen's comments, Jason, it's pretty obvious there's a difference between "abrasiveness" and non-physical abuse. Rough-around-the-edges versus, say, manipulation, threats, or sexual innuendo are different, especially to those going through it. You can probably trust Ellen on this.
Sorry Kevin!
I got you and Steve mixed up I think...Steve was the one who asked me about the Iraq war, you have my apologies for the mix-up!

Sorry Steve, that response was meant for you. I'm a failure.
Just to clear something up, Anthony, I wasn't the one who brought up the Iraq War. I have strong opinions about it, but not in this thread.
Anthony, I'm honored to pray for you about this. I watched both of my parents struggle to quit, so I know how hard it can be.

And as to venturing too far off topic, don't worry about it; I've got your back. If Ms. Dalfonzo raises an objection, I'll explain that you were expressing a desire for us all to stand against the violence being done to the alveoli in your lungs. She'll probably roll her eyes at me (not the first time I'd have done it), but you'll escape unscathed.

And in a few months, your lungs will be unscathed, too.

And anytime you're tempted, you can think of us here as your security guards, and a cigarette pack as a backpack full of Chick-fil-a sandwiches and ammo. (See how easy that is? OW!!!)
I hear Anthony. I suppose it will be good for me to have someone else to pray for.
Totally unrelated to the topic...
...but I need to appeal to the kind people on BP blog for help.

Three days ago I quit smoking officially. I picked up my first cigarette on my 19th birthday, a little over 7-years-ago. The last several months I've managed to cut down to 1-3 a day, but the last 3 days I've been without, and it's becoming increasingly difficult now that it's out of my routine, so to speak. I know it sounds completely selfish, but I'm asking - no, begging - for prayers from the good souls on here I've gotten to know a little better and enjoy conversing with. Please bombard heaven with as many as possible. I really want to get it nailed down this time. The longest I've quit for is a month, and I only fell off the wagon because I watched my grandmother die in my arms back in 2007 and couldn't handle the stress. I'm in a better place in my life now and not only am I doing this for my family, I'm doing it for me. Thank you all, my apologies for straying away from what we've been discussing (although I think we're all guilty of such an atrocity ;) )


Kevin, I've had the chance to sit and ponder what you asked earlire regarding the War in Iraq. I do not feel it is either one, since, according to President Bush, Iraq was allegedly hiding WMD's, and as it turned out to my knowledge, none were found. I will not share whether or not I felt the Iraq War was necessary, nor am I going to share my views on war in general for fear of being asked a million questions, coming under fire, or becoming the subject of debate. However, coming from my point-of-view, the Iraq war seemed to have been fought for protection of the US against these alleged WMDs and to assist the people living under the Saddam Hussein regime. I will elaborate no more.

And LeeQuod, thank you for the video...I grew up watching Rocky and Bullwinkle faithfully as a child. In addition to the muppets and this, R&B got me through some tough times :)

"Have no fear..."
I know I should be entirely serious in this thread, but this not only adds some perspective, it also shows Anthony what Rolley and I were consuming in our formative years:
Anthony, people have been thinking about that question for two thousand years. Which I supppose is an indication that it is worth the bother of thinking about.

As far as Iraq, coming to the conclusion that punitive warfare might legitimately be considered an act of self-defense does not legitimatize Iraq specifically. What it does do though is make criticism of Iraq more coherant. It is odd, after all, to criticize a specific war when you are on record as criticizeing all wars. Or even when you are criticizing all wars not fought on ones own soil: after all the latter is after all rather dubious as self defense because of it's limited efficiency at protecting the population.
"As for revenge / self-defense... (and I'm sorry, this is the first example that came to mind), do you think the war in Iraq was an example of state revenge or self-defense? Is that how it's always perceived? I admit that an answer does not "readily" come to my mind."
-Don't apologize, I'm surprised I didn't think of it first.

To be honest, I can't give an answer myself. Guess this is something to sit and ponder on.
Abrasiveness is not the same as violence, Ellen, or if it is, we need a redefinition.
Non-Physical Violence
Hostile work environment

Demeaning looks

Derogatory tone of voice

Assault: the threat of violence
The line between revenge and self-defense is always grey, Steve, not least at the state level. It was long well known that the possibility of revenge and sometimes even the actuality was a kind of revenge.
That is not just a social fact, it is an ecological fact. One of the reasons humans are not the victims of predation is that they are vindictive. Humans are in fact very weak creatures when caught alone. When in a pack with weapons they are very terrifying. Anyone remember the fate of the shark in Soul Surfer?

Where does the line between expedient revenge and malicious revenge go? It is hard to say. However if expedient revenge is utterly proscribed then it isn't Iraq that should be protested it is the existence of the US government. After all, one of the best definitions of a government is "A preprogrammed revenge seeking machine that every tribe is willing to yield the right of blood feud to for the sake of demonstrable efficiency and hoped for impartiality".
Actually it doesn't Anthony. Library work is more like starbucks with books and you absorb less knowledge that way then as a patron. You get that sort of thing on your own.

Re: Non-physical violence. I was thinking of things like words. Of course, words can be like a sword or a scalpel. Sometimes damaging, sometimes healing/correcting. Do we ... preach what we preach (as the saying I just made up goes)? That is, do we let mean, abusive, bullying, controlling words from ourselves or others pass because they aren't physical and "victims" should be able to handle it, or do we speak words of peace and grace and truth and rebuke to help free the chains of injustice?

Sure, no one likes getting pistol-whipped. But a good tongue lashing?

As for revenge / self-defense... (and I'm sorry, this is the first example that came to mind), do you think the war in Iraq was an example of state revenge or self-defense? Is that how it's always perceived? I admit that an answer does not "readily" come to my mind.
Putting the ‘Peculiar’ in God’s People Since 1971
Titus 2:14 (KJV)

“Rolley...what on God's green Earth did you put in your coffee this morning and do they sell it at Wal-Mart?”

Same thing every morning, Anthony: wine and milk. And nope, they don’t sell it at Wal-Mart. But you can get it there – or anywhere else on earth – for free (Isaiah 55:1).

“And [Rolley] danced before the Lord with all his might…“ (2 Samuel 6:14)
Proven myself to IMPF? Or someone who travels to a war-torn occupied country and rescue a persecuted people with the risk of being imprisoned or killed? I'm afraid money's a little tight right now...

What this man did goes beyond admirable. Wow. No words, really. It must help to work in a library, huh Jason ;)

Obviously you probably haven't proven yourself to be that Anthony, or not yet. Just saying you are in good company.
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