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Media mogul Pat Robertson has put his foot in it again. This time, he made offensive comments about adopting children from overseas.

Thankfully, Robertson isn't speaking for Christians everywhere.

Theologian -- and father -- Russell Moore takes on Pat Robertson's disparaging words in this blog post. Moore knows firsthand about foreign adoption: His own sons are of Russian descent.

A number of years back, Moore wrote a tender account of adopting his sons in “Adopted for Life.” He tells readers about his experience, and how the church can foster adoption. No, he's not advocating that everyone run out and adopt a child. But he is talking about how we should challenges churches to become strong defenders of life through promoting adoption. He sets the tone for his book by first teaching about another adoption: Joseph's adoption of Jesus. We hear so much about Mother Mary, that Papa Joseph gets pushed to the background. For some, Joseph becomes almost as an afterthought, but he was also a faithful servant of God, and an example worth following.

Like Eric Metaxas, I can also recommend Larry Taunton’s new book, “The Grace Effect.” It is about the Tauntons' experience during the tumultuous odyssey of adopting their beloved daughter Sasha. But the Tauntons' story is even bigger than their immediate family. Their community also helped with the adoption; some gave money, offered other practical support, while others prayed.

Christians like Moore and Taunton, their families, and their communities are expressing Christ-like behavior: love for "the least of these." Pat Robertson should be doing the same, but he's not. Shame on him.


*..."they might have brain damage and “grow up weird.”*

^Pot calling the kettle black?
I saw this yesterday on Facebook. Keep in mind that the man's pretty far up there chronologically and there's a good chance he's a few fries short of a happy meal these days (or he's always been that way).

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