What Todd Akin should have said

Ramesh Ponnuru offers a suggestion.


Akin seems to have been saying that the legal definition includes statutory which is distinct from the colloquial definition of rape and in some instances(I.E. an eighteen year old boy with a girl seventeen years and 362 days old)is morally just fornication.

As for that thing about raped women never get pregnant, the BEST that can be said is that severe trauma to the womb which might occur in the process might make it slightly less likely. However there were plenty of pregnancies after the sack of Berlin in 1945.

However that is rationalizing what sounds like folk-superstition anyway.
I don't understand why more prominent conservatives don't call out people like Mitt Romney for their inconsistent position. Assuming they oppose most abortions because it is the killing of an innocent, defenseless human being, how is that any less true because the circumstances of conception were awful?

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