Girls will be girls?

Hanna Rosin's article in The Atlantic celebrating the hookup culture, and its supposed advantages for women, is getting a lot of attention today. (Be warned, it's pretty frank.) Be sure to catch Leah Libresco's response at Patheos, if only for the fantastic headline.


So,girls are "hooking up" to avoid the intimacy that comes with a committed relationship so that they can have a better chance of succeeding in a high-paying career. The love of money really is a root of all kinds of evil.
Auuuugh is right.
Women of the 21st Century,
Life is short. One day you wake up in your own vomit, the next you're too tired to clean up your baby's vomit whom you had in your late childbearing years. Hooray! You only had to stare at a pasty corporate wall for 15-20 years to find this joy.

(Sorry, ignore me. I'm grumpy and wish every human being on the planet didn't have to work in our age of efficient machines.. pfff.)

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