Root for Rolley!

Rolley Haggard, longtime commenter and now feature writer at BreakPoint, will be interviewed this evening on The Steve Deace Show about his articles "We Could End Abortion 'Overnight' -- If We Really Wanted To" and "Louder than the 'Silent Scream': The Deafening Silence of Our Pulpits." You can listen here (note that the times given are for the Central Time Zone), and, of course, you're invited to pray for Rolley as he speaks about the need for church leaders to stand up for the unborn.


Too bad Anthony, I would miss you even if I don't come across like it at times.
Belated Your Welcome, Rolley... sounds like you're quite the busy man! I decided not to post on here anymore, I was never on here to change anyone's mind and arguing with people can be pointless. I also have a life outside of my computer ;) I do check back sometimes though, and do enjoy some of the articles posted.

By the way, Rolley - the day will never come when you are struck "speechless"...just sayin'...

Tally ho, everyone!
That is so cool about the invitations, Rolley! Proud of you! I hope you get to do the interviews soon!
The Short Answer, Jason...
., you just took the bait and went further off-topic here than even I (Guinness, take note).

And when one (this one) considers the topic off of which you went (harumph), justice seeks, nay demands, the bitter YOD.

Drumroll, Regis!

Gina, do your grim duty!

Don't you know anything Rolley? The end of the world just HAS to come at 11:59 Dec 31, 2012. Otherwise we would have to assume that a mysterious people that disappeared ages ago doesn't possess omniscience simply by virtue of being mysterious. How could one think such a thing!
Belated Thanks, Anthony
Am just now seeing your Sept 7 well-wishes. Am also wondering where you are these days, my friend. Hope all is well.

And now, this Root for Rolley update: Steve Deace has invited me to do a second radio interview. And I’ve been invited to talk on the Bob Enyart Show. And CBR* Maine has asked me to speak on their radio program. My feathered head is spinning like a hit possum on I-95.

I can’t tell you guys how much I appreciate your friendship, prayers, and moral support in all this; and Gina, I am especially indebted to you for “putting me out there” to draw, now fame now flame, for the cause of the unborn. I am speechless. Well, precisely NOT speechless, but I think you know what I mean.

But then, as some of you are aware, I'm buried in a project at work with no foreseeable respite in sight (and very likely to be working nights, weekends, and holidays, well-past the end of the Mayan calendar); which means all of the aforementioned opportunities are deferred until times more propitious.

So Anthony, if you have another prayer in your repertory for an interstate duck, think of me yet once more, my friend. And let the AFLAC pretender beware.

*Center for Bio-ethical Reform
I'm back online!!
After two sorrowful weeks of being separated from my worthless Acer and the internet altogether, I'm back and better than ever.

And way to go Rolley! I was able to get online via my equally horrible not-so-smart phone but couldn't leave comments. You're a celebrity! I did say a prayer for you :)
Jason, the Whole Text of the Letter
Is over here:

It’s the comment of Kristine Kruszelnicki dated August 18, 2012 5:05 AM.
I couldn't find the letter.
Just listened to it.
Great job, Rolley. I especially appreciated the letter from the atheist and what you had to say about it. That letter gives a depiction of our side that should prompt some real soul searching.
Podcast Link

I think my biggest gaffe was leaving out the bracketed words from the quotation below. I'm just grateful I was given a (cough) pulpit from which to speak on behalf of those who cannot.
The quotation:

"We Christians, by and large, are so afraid of violating the so-called “separation of church and state” that I think were the Devil himself to incarnate [and run for the presidency], we would refuse to preach against him for fear of politicizing the faith."

Thanks, everyone, for the prayers and well-wishes. Lee, I’ll pay you off for that over-the-top endorsement next time you come through SC. Hope you like Milk Duds. By the tractor-truckload. (I’ve been saving up; “squirreling away”, you might say. Yes, you might).
Yes, please share it, Lee. Something was wrong with my stream -- I listened for hours, but it kept stopping and restarting, and I never got to hear Rolley at all!
You know how you'll fully expect some Olympic athlete to easily win the gold medal, but it's still a tremendous thrill to actually witness them doing it?

Yeah - just like that.

Bravo, Rolley, bravo and standing ovation and yell and whistle and stomp and roar until I'm hoarse. May we look back on this as simply your first triumph.

And you got me thinking. I'll share some ideas with you, privately.


(I did miss the "What lovely parting gifts do we have for our guest, Bob?" last few minutes, so I'm hunting for the podcast archive. Also, and more importantly, to share it.
Another word that is an accidental obscenity, Lee? Isn't that linguisticly counterproductive? Why not just use one word for such matters and save us all a lot of trouble?
Rolley-rootin' regularly,
. . . but tonight, for something specific, too. Go get 'em, Rols!!

(Aside to Gina: American slang words often have ***radically*** different meanings in other English-speaking countries. I found out the hard way that "root", in Australia, well, . . .

Anyway, since this blog is international, just a note of caution for us all, bloggers, commenters, and brand-spankin'-new feature writers alike.
God bless you Rolley!
Good luck and do a good job Rolley!
Thanks, Gina
They can be forgiven who thought your headline answered, on my behalf, the libationary question, “what kind of beer does everyone here want?” No question but it’s root, root, root for this home team boy.

Seriously, though, pray I don’t tempt Mr. Deace to use his on-radio equivalent of the YOD as I ramble from one unrelated topic to the next in that trademark A.D.D. fashion of mine that you’ve all grown to (cough) love and (cough cough hack choke cardiac-arrest) admire here at BreakPoint.

Even slightly more seriously, though, all prayers (imprecatory excepted) are appreciated as I’m just coming off a second bout of sick-as-a-dog-you-don’t-want-the-details intestinal flu and may not be up to the (cough) fine form you are accustomed to witnessing whenever I waddle onto center stage decked unselfconsciously in the emperor’s finest garb.

Finally, and with the utmost, maximal, hyperbolous seriousness, let me note that I did at last figure out how to spell “shillelagh” correctly. Yep. So happens Steve Deace is of Irish descent.

Faith and begorr-owww!

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