Saved for a Later Date

Here's a story that brings up a problem for some IVF participants. A man wanted to continue his family line, but his wife was unable to bear children, so he came up with a solution: Became a sperm donor. Being a choosy guy, and not necessarily wanting to be a real father, though we can't rule that out, he waited 41 years to consent to a couple using his sperm.

We've heard that a couple of families want to keep sperm of a dead husband, ex-husband, or son, but this is different. Sociologist Rene Almeling says that some children will never have even the potential to meet their donor dad because that bio-dad will be long dead.


It's interesting to see "A man wanted to continue his family line" and realize that he meant merely continuing his genetic strain. Historically, the "family line" meant quite a bit more than that. A definite worldview shift is in view here.
Even more troubling is the issue of frozen embryos, which the article mentioned only in passing and which is not discussed nearly enough.

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