Revolution in music?

"For the first time in 15 years, a Christian album [TobyMac's 'Eyes on It'] is No. 1 on the Billboard chart," reports the New York Times. Meanwhile, says TIME, "An evangelical Christian rapper has taken over the iTunes hip-hop/rap chart. Three of the top 10 spots, including slots No. 1 and No. 2, have belonged to Lecrae ever since his new album, Gravity, dropped on Sept. 4."

And we're not just talking about "Christian lite" music, either. As Benjamin J. Wetzel wrote at this site back in May, Lecrae is what you get "when you cross John Piper with Eminem . . . the most visible and most successful of a cohort of Christian hip-hop artists who, by managing to combine expert musicianship with penetrating theological lyricism, are beginning to change the face of Christian music."


The key for contemporary Christian music is to be of high quality and have a current sound. Many people will give it a chance if it meets those criteria.

When I first started listening to CCM in the early '90s, there wasn't much that was worthwhile. True greats like Rich Mullins were few and far between.

I was a DJ at the college radio station when "Jesus Freak" came out. That was a real breakthrough, and a few of its tracks made it onto our rotation.

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