Another Suit for Freedom of Religion

I've never heard of the Hobby Lobby stores, probably because I'm not very handy with hobbies, but here is a good illustration of what's at stake with the HHS mandate and its threats against religious freedom.

Hobby Lobby has filed suit to keep from being forced to provide its employees with the "morning after" and "week after" pill.

Hobby Lobby, a private corporation, has 514 stores in 41 states and its revenue is around $2 billion. Besides employing a number of people on its retail side, it also has its own manufacturing plant located in Oklahoma. Intriguingly, the corporation doesn't have long-term debt.

Unashamedly, Hobby Lobby is a company that follows Christian principles. The mandate is trampling on the First Amendment rights of people like David Green, Hobby Lobby's CEO and founder. Concerning his company, Green says, “We simply cannot abandon our religious beliefs to comply with this mandate.”

What would it mean to single mothers and other employees if this company closed down due to the government's ugly infringement on religious liberties?


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