In praise of dads

This New York Times article, on the biological importance of dads, has been getting a good deal of buzz. Personally, though, I like this one from Patheos, about the spiritual and emotional importance of dads, even better. A sample:

"The men I grew up around never worried about being man enough. The very notion of worrying about a thing like that was as foreign to them as worrying about being American or Oklahoman enough. . . .

"Woody Allen has said that 90% of life is showing up. I think that more than 90% of being a father is being there. You don’t have to ride horses with your kids or break down engines to be a good dad, but you do need to be there. Share the one thing that is completely yours with your children: Share yourself. Teach them about men by being a safe and reliable man in their lives. Give them the gift of security by always being the dad on the beat, ready to protect and rescue them when they need it.

(Emphases in original)


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