Mrs. Jesus?

While the New York Times gets all excited about a manuscript fragment that suggests Jesus had a wife, the Atlantic offers a little context and theological insight.


Jason, as a side point, you do properly call the Speaker of a Parliamentary House, Mr. Speaker or Madame Speaker.
I believe the shipyard is still here though the urgency is less. There is also a hospital he founded(with his name of course, tycoons being as apt to have things they finance named after themselves as emperors.
No problem, Jason. I wasn't aware Kaiser once had such a large operation in the Portland area, employing more than 130,000 at one point. That must have been incredible.
Point taken Kevin, and perhaps it did imply I was accusing you of ignorance so I apologize. It was just amusing.

On the other hand a title can become a name and vice-versa as we Portlanders can attest because we know that Henry Kaiser's shipbuilding efforts were truly august.
Well said, Lee. The way I look at it, "scholars" who accept the Gnostic so-called gospels are many centuries behind the Church in understanding these matters.

In a thousand years, if someone finds a scrap from a Dan Brown novel, they might be able to authenticate it as being from the 21st Century, but that won't make what's written on it factual.
Jason, I was joking that because the Times uses th
Jason, I was joking that because the Times uses the style of referring to people as "Mr.", "Ms.", etc., and that the Times also showed some Biblical ignorance by not understanding the whole bride thing, I was waiting for them to show further ignorance by treating "Christ" as if it's His last name.

Reread my post. I said it would be in keeping with their Biblical ignorance to do so. Not sure how you missed that part, as it wasn't a lengthy post.
Poor Karen King - she keeps getting so excited over the smallest - uh, "scrap" of evidence for her Gnostic position.

A handful of ambiguous fragments of questionable origins, versus heaps of authenticated New Testament and Early Church Fathers writings? I'd say the weight of evidence is still heavily in favor of the traditional view. Dr. King will need several thousand more copies, all more complete than this one, to even achieve parity.
Christ is a title, Kevin. As nicknaming is mostly a children's custom in modern English naming customs the closest equiv would be British formal titles. You don't properly call someone Mr OBE or Mr MP or anything of the kind.
I was waiting for the Times, in keeping with both its style manual and apparent Biblical ignorance, to refer to Him as "Mr. Christ".

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