Going Chicken Little over Chick-fil-A
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Has Chick-fil-A caved on the same-sex marriage issue? Short answer: We have no idea.

What we have is a statement from a group that, shall we say, bears very little good will towards Chick-fil-A. And some wording about staying out of the policy debate, which is vague enough that it could mean anything or nothing. And a mention of an internal document saying that they'll treat everyone equally -- which, you may recall, they were already doing. (When did we ever hear about the restaurant refusing to serve anyone, gay or straight?) And a bunch of breathlessly excited, highly misleading headlines. And that's it. Until Chick-fil-A itself makes a direct and specific statement about the issue, we actually know very little indeed.

Which is why I've been sorry to see many Christians jumping the gun and accusing Chick-fil-A of being a turncoat. If that were in fact the case, their unhappiness would be understandable: It's always difficult and disappointing to lose an ally, especially in such a contentious area. But as yet, we have no real reason to think we've lost one. So shouldn't we hold off on the accusations until we do know something?

And if we do get bad news about this, there's one thing we should all keep in mind: Our faith and hope was never really in Chick-fil-A to begin with. If this whole issue is all about one restaurant chain, then we ought to just give up and go home right now.


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Chick fil a reminds me of a German city in the thirty years war with all the good burgherfolk panicing whenever the Swedes or the Imperials look like they want to march in their direction for some reason.
Here is the company's statement as posted on facebook today:

(I suppose I should also fill in as best I can with deep theological commentary, until Rolley returns.)

But Gina, we can't go home until Jesus calls us. (Yes, I know it was a metaphor. Some of us have met a five, though.)

What strikes me is that it's not the corporation that has anything to do with gay marriage - it's the individuals who own and operate it. This feels like coercing how a person can think and act as a private individual by attacking them in their workplace. Of course, that's a standard Alinsky tactic. But until recently individuals were allowed the freedom to believe and act as they wished, in private capacity, even by liberals. Seems that's over.
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