Paper Cutouts

I remember playing with cutout dolls. The body was made of cardboard, the clothes and accessories made of paper. Today, one organization is using paper cutouts for a different, scarier reason. They want people to construct a 3-D workable gun from paper.

Now, I’m not that alarmed. People can make weapons out of anything. A number of years ago, I saw a violent action adventure–bang-bang-shoot-'em-up movie. In it, a group of very, very bad prisoners were being transported via airplane. The first act of violence occurred when one of the prisoners used a spring-loaded toilet-paper holder to shoot a bullet at someone. Talk about lethal construction from odds and ends.

Having taken Prison Fellowship volunteer courses in the past, I can attest to being amazed at the cleverness that goes into a lot of criminal activity behind bars. This points to the fact that we’re created to create. Being human, I can also attest to all of our penchant to do evil.

There are very bad people out there. Have people used this technology to construct something already? I don't know. Is it wise to promote this? Time will tell. In the meantime, I wonder if airport security will have to go back to tweak their invasive body scanner to make it sensitive to paper, too.


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This is a tempest in a teapot. It is far easier and cheaper to build something capable of firing a cartridge out of a short piece of pipe or even a ballpoint pen than it is to print one with this technology. Just hysteria, folks. Move along.
(dry sarcasm, ON)

Thanks for the almost visual, Rolley.

(dry sarcasm, OFF; wet truth follows...)

Us moms have enough projectiles in our own homes from ourselves, our spouses, and especially our children, thank you very much. ;)
I doubt few know how tempting the opportunity to comment on the subject of toilet paper guns can be to some known for quixotic ramblings.

Presently recovering from a virus that hit me at the end of last week. Fortunately, it had no “guarantee of lethality”, though it could project… well… never mind.
There was that scene in one of the "Mission: Impossible" movies where Tom Cruise gets a mask of Phillip Seymour Hoffman's face created for him, in a matter of minutes, while he waits, and he dons it and impersonates Hoffman. It's not all that farfetched.

But yes, "lethality" makes it clear that these are not duck or squirrel hunting enthusiasts. And that's a minor relief, only to a few of us.
Plastic? Darn, I wish my cutout dolls had been plastic because they would have lasted a lot longer.

Regarding "lethality," he's creepy.
I've been to the Planet Hollywood in the Mall of America, and they had the wooden gun John Malkovich used in "In the Line of Fire."
Kim, actually the Reprap printer prints with plastic, not with paper.

It's like that video of "printing a house", with concrete:

In this case, however, the product is not a place to live but a way to kill. So it ties to your "Put in Perspective" posting, in that now anyone with $500 to buy a Reprap printer, and a few $100s more for plastic cartridges, can print themselves enough AK-47s to start a battle. No need to go through an arms dealer. And they could lie to the investigators, saying innocently that they need all the plastic to print copies of Barbie and Ken for the poor local boys and girls. I imagine we'll see this in an upcoming "NCIS" episode.
" long as it has that guarantee of lethality." Did he really have to say that? Couldn't he have said, "As long as it can project a bullet," or something like that? No wonder he's making people uncomfortable. He seems to be the kind of irresponsible caricature that all of us SecondAmendment supporters get painted as.
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