Looking at What We Can't See

Does what we see really matter? John Lloyd's "Tour of the Invisible" animated video clip is quite thought-provoking on this subject, as well as entertaining.

What we can't see matters more than what we can see, and everything that matters is invisible, except for every thing and matter. We can see matter, but we can't see what matters.

Examples of invisible things that really make a difference? Gravity, consciousness, laws of physics, radio waves, just to name a few.

While Mr. Lloyd's takeaways at the end may seem a bit lame compared to the wonders he highlights in this animated clip, the video certainly puts a new perspective on a fascinating subject. Maybe it's time we looked at what we can't see.


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(Ah, the Good Old Days . . . are still here!)

Rolley, for the record, I heartily second your opinion of Shane. Indeed, if I don't get to D.C. again in this lifetime, then I promise that my delight at meeting him for the first time in Heaven will match in its intensity the shock he will undoubtedly feel at seeing me there.

But surely you can't mean that Shane believes in theogingerism. That was declared a heresy by the Council of Vermillion, and was never believed by the orthodox Church anyway; see the Confessions of St. Rufous. Since our beloved Shane is positively allergic to heterodoxy, he can't possibly believe that God has red hair. Wings, yes (Ps. 17:8); hair, no.

Uh, Sherrie's post, invisible stuff . . . Well, did you ever notice that although some of us have felt the sting of the YOD, and/or heard its incredibly ominous hum, none of us have actually ever seen it? (Might be due to running away at its approach - like this!!)
*enjoying the contributions to this place of the unseen ducks and squirrels*
For the Record, I Love Shane to Death
Just don’t take that metaphor too literally.

Seriously, I would wash Shane’s feet in a heartbeat. He is a tremendous servant of Christ, and a lot of fun to boot (you can take that metaphor a little more literally. JUST KIDDING).

But all that said, that doesn’t mean I can’t or wouldn’t debate him warmly into the wee hours over things on which we differ. How else can iron sharpen iron?

We are brothers, children of the same Father. Shane sees God with red hair; I attribute such tints to the refraction of light. But though neither of us has yet seen Him Face to face we both strive with equal ardor to be ready for the Grand Introduction. And blessed are *all* who love His appearing (2 Tim 4:8).

P.S. Greetings and appreciation to Sherrie from me, likewise.
You're right, Lee. Sherrie has long been a behind-the-scenes person here, but now that she's starting to come out in front of the scenes (you can also find her over on the RE:news page), she needs a bio. We'll get on that.
One thing that I myself can't see is any information on who this "Sherrie Irvin" person is. And that's a shame, because she's incredible - yet another gleaming gem in the necklace of Breakpoint bloggers.

Thinking alphabetically, though, her anonymity means that in the list of Contributor Bios, Shane Morris gets the last word. Most people would see that as generally a very good thing; those few who don't see it that way and try to win debates with Shane here are mostly squirrelly types and odd ducks anyhow. Lucky for us that he's a good sport.

But even if she remains veiled in her identity, I certainly hope Sherrie continues to be prolific in her posting. I have faith that she will, because as most of us know quite well from Hebrews 11, faith is . . .
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