In only 40 years

The New York Review of Books looks back at the day in 1971 when the New York Times published a defense of homosexuality. That article is portrayed as a "godsend" and an indicator of a major cultural shift. However one feels about that, the piece is a fascinating look at just how quickly a society can change.


Interesting, isn't it, that he mentions a point early in his experimenting when he hadn't yet decided which way he would ultimately go? I thought the modern claim is that it doesn't work that way.
The only reason America has moved in the direction it has, not just regarding homosexuality, but in a whole host of issues and areas inconsistent with traditional Christian morality, not to mention limited government and liberty, is because modern liberals took over the professions of cultural influence. Entertainment, media and education have an inordinate influence on what average Americans believe and think. Even back in 1971 the "takeover" was well under way.

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