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Today would have been Chuck Colson's 81st birthday. Eric Metaxas offers a beautiful tribute in today's commentary, talking about what Chuck and his books have meant to him. Eric singles out two of those books that had an especially important impact on him: "Loving God" and "God and Government."

If you had to pick a favorite book by Chuck, which one would it be? I'm very fond of "How Now Shall We Live?" but my VERY favorite would have to be "Born Again."


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Rolley, about that "Next Page" problem -- try it in a different browser. I'm using Chrome and it worked for me.
No metal YODs? *putting away the aluminum bat* heh...

I'll take the whole Ghirardelli cake and call it all good.

Except... I haven't read *all* of his books. Hmmm.

I read _How Now Shall We Live_ years and years ago and felt like I had been buried under snow by a snow plow. I read _Born Again_ for this first time this past summer. Awesome book. I think I need to read _The Good Life_ again now that I've read _Born Again_. And then there's _Kingdoms in Conflict_, which I've started, but never finished.

I guess I still have lots more of that Ghirardelli chocolate cake left to enjoy. :)

What really impacted me, attracted my attention, and caused me to wander into your midst and eventually Chuck's books was Chuck's radio commentaries. I had never heard of him, Prison Fellowship or BreakPoint until I started hearing Chuck on the radio.
Happy birthday, Tina!
Tina: “Chuck and I Share a Birthday”
Which one?
Gina, the 17-Squedillion Line Comment
Was at this blog post earlier today:


Others, in addition to Kevin V, may have seen it. (But I doubt any others actually READ it).

Anyway, it’s gone now. However, one anomaly there still remains: click on the “Next Page” option as many times as you like and it just keeps bringing you back to the same place. Plus it says there are 80 comments, but if there are, they are inaccessible.

I COULD go down in the catecombs looking for those missing comments. But first LeeQuod must swear he’s lost that rusty crowbar. I don’t do metal YODs.
I haven't read all of Chuck's books. We have a copy of How Now Shall We Live? and my husband has read it many times.

Incidentally, Chuck and I share a birthday.
I'm guessing he's referring to the way an old blog about the Hitchens brothers got bombarded overnight.
You may turn the YOD on me any time you like, Rolley, because I haven't read all of Chuck's books either!!

On a more serious note . . . is a lot of the spam really getting through? That's disturbing. And depressing. Lord knows we've been seeing floods of it come in every day, but our settings are supposed to present it from leaking through to you guys.
chuck's birthday & 1st book
I am 55, a life long "Lutheran" and seminary grad who went into politics. I have never had a "personal relationship" with God until a few years ago went I went through a very hard time. I recently finished "Born Again," have been attending a nondenominational church with my lovely bride (2nd marriage0. I couldn't put Chuck's book down and feel it has thrust me onto a new spiritual path, one with a profound sense of God being close to me. I wish I could have met Chuck, but I am grateful I can meet him in his writings. Happy Birthday, Mr. Colson. May all the angels be singing with you.
Why Not Ask…
“Which bite of the Ghirardelli chocolate cake is your favorite?” I mean, come on.

I haven’t read all of Chuck’s stuff yet, so my vote wouldn’t be very meaningful. I’m presently working through “Kingdoms in Conflict” – am about 90% done. Superb.

I still have not read “Born Again”.

I said, I still have not read “Born Again”.

I said….

(Ah, there she goes to get the YOD. Now I can test out my theory).

No, Gina, thanks for the offer, but I’ll decline the blindfold this go around. I would, however, like to make a statement before we proceed with the obligatory, and I must confess, entirely warranted, ceremony. If it’s alright with you, that is. It is? Oh good. Thank you.

Actually, it’s a statement in the form of a question. Still ok? Good. Here goes:

Question: How do you know when Gina has too much work on her plate?

Multiple-choice answer:

1) When spambots successfully manage to slip through her brilliant-pebbles defense network approximately 17-bazillion lines of comments that only an A.D.D. featherbrain would read in lieu of “Born Again” (if you’re wondering, I was on line 16-bazillion when “someone” deleted them. @#$!%).

2) When one has to repeat more than once that one has not yet read “Born Again” before she commences appropriate disciplinary action.

3) When she doesn’t even bother to finish reading through Rolley’s multiple-choice answer list before….


Just as I thought. The answer is “all of the above”. And I hadn’t even gotten to number 4 yet, which was,

4) When, only *after* release from the hospital, Rolley is allowed to explain that he simply wanted to suggest that we list out all of Chuck’s books and then ask, “which deserves to be among everyone’s favorites?”

But no matter. Regardless of whether you stop at number 3 or 4, the answer is still the same, eh? “All of the above.”

Happy birthday, Chuck. Save me a piece of that glorified Ghirardelli cake. The way things are going, I may be able to enjoy it sooner than some might think. But only “some”.
Without a doubt, for me, it would be "How Now Shall We Live?" That book changed me deeply.
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