You Should Be Alarmed

The West is in a moral free fall, and the age group that will suffer most won't be you and me, but our children and grandchildren.

If you don't believe me, consider three recent examples--two from Canada and one Australia:

1. By mandate, Ontario public educational officials are forcing private Catholic schools to provide Muslim prayer rooms for their Muslim students.
2. Ontario Education Minister Laurel Broten says that private religious schools are no longer allowed to teach students that abortion is taking a life. She says it would be tantamount to bullying. In her stark words, "taking away a woman’s [and girl's] right to choose could arguably be one of the most misogynistic actions that one could take."
3. In the state of New South Wales, Australia, there are 12 pilot programs teaching students that heterosexuality is not the norm. They have crafted a new word: heterosexism. The groups that are pushing these ideas maintain that sexuality is fluid.


Oh believe me, number 3 is happening in Canada too. The director of the Peel School Board has *forced* the Day of Pink on all its schools; when the discriminatory terms of homophobia, transphobia and heterosexism are taught to elementary school students.
The problem with the current orthodoxy (well, ONE problem with it) is that it really believes sexuality is fluid in just one direction: If an ostensibly straight person moves toward homosexuality, he's finding his true self, but an ostensibly gay person trying to go straight is just kidding himself.
Sexuality has always fallen under morality throughout human history. Kim's point is that the specific moral restraint that has always been there is nearly gone, and if it is gone completely, society is affected in every other aspect, and religious practices and freedoms are no exceptions to that rule. The third example she cites is a real-world example showing that, currently, sexual rights trump religious rights----in fact, the tide appears to be going in the direction that sexuality will trump virtually every right.

To determine sexuality as purely fluid, I cannot say one or the other with the concrete evidence people demand (that's assuming they would even care about concrete evidence). Yet people are held accountable by law for certain sexual offenses--as such, it stands to reason, in my point of view, that sexuality is certainly fluid in terms of human will power. A married man may fall in love with another woman, but he CHOOSES and CONTROLS his body by his will so that he does, or does not, create an affair. That is the fluid part: men and women can and do change their sexual desires, but sexual desires do not make the man or the woman....they are made by their choices.

Those who cannot control themselves are in a different category altogether. They are not part of the topic at hand.
Oh, I understand, Jason. Just have groups claiming that sexuality is fluid when it suits their interests and culture-changing goals, but WE'RE BORN WITH IT YOU BIGOT when it doesn't.
Yes Joel it is fluid. That is why there is a disproportionate amount of homosexuality in prisons.

It is also possible to choose. It may not be possible to choose every thought. But actual sexual intercourse requires a conscience commitment of time. Now I can't say for sure that if Helen of Troy appeared before me and told me I could have her right away that I could resist. But, I am sure that I can resist less extreme temptations simply because I have to go out of my way to satisfy them.
Sexuality is fluid? As in, you can choose, or maybe it can change? ...Huh.

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