What Christians can learn from 'Parks and Recreation'

Russell Moore has a brilliantly incisive article here, with which a lot of Christians will be able to identify. He analyzes the smug preachiness of many contemporary TV shows whenever religious or political issues come up -- with their tendency to provide "a security blanket for the already convinced," and to throw what Breitbart.com calls "sucker punches" at the unconvinced. But then he goes a step further, and reminds Christians not to fall prey to the same temptation.

If you don't read anything else today, read this. You'll be glad you did.


Oh yes, I identify this argument.
One problem is that Evangelicals have just come into prominence with our one-armed surfing chicks and moosebane female politicians. We are kind of like Roman rustics waking up after defeating Carthage and finding out that they are an empire. Which of course makes Catholics the Greeks but that's another story.

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