Feeding Zombies

If you've watched any television in the last two years, you've probably noticed the proliferation of television shows, like "Castle" and "The Simpsons," featuring the undead, or zombies.

But many people probably don't know the history behind the gruesome creatures. In yesterday's New York Times, author Amy Wilentz gives some background.

Haitian slaves were cruelly treated--many seeking to end their miserable existence. However, cruel to the end, their masters found a way to keep most from committing suicide. They declared that if they committed suicide, the miserable slaves would be enslaved eternally. They'd hang in an undead or zombie limbo unless they ate salt.

While slavery ended, Haiti continued having zombie trouble. I'll leave you to read about it. For me, it's an important reminder of a great truth: Jesus calls us to be salt--offering everyone the hope of eternal life that we have within us (Matthew 5:13).


What a horrible story!!! It almost gives me permission--almost!--to wish the same fate on the slave-owners that they employed to keep them alive and in line! What a horrible thing to do to them! Yes, we must be 'salt'. We must also remember to be kind to everyone because we can have no idea what they may be suffering!

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