Religious liberty on the ballot

At, former BreakPoint editor Jim Tonkowich writes, ". . . A Romney victory will probably not usher in a golden age of religious liberty and an Obama victory will probably not set off religious persecution. Nonetheless, this election will determine our trajectory as a nation. We will either welcome religion into a civil public square or demand its silence and its obedience to the government."


For all my enthusiasm last night, it seems Mr Obama has been re-elected. It was announced about 20 minutes ago. I am stunned. I cannot believe it.
I have to agree with both Rolley and Kevin V. I was an early Ron Paul supporter, and up until a few weeks ago had every intention of writing in his name. When the Nat'l Convention happened and Paul was literally battered into releasing his delegates so Romney could take the nomination, Dr. Paul did nothing. If he can't defend himself, how is he going to defend a whole country? So, I began paying more attention to the posts on the blogs I read that said any vote for anyone besides Romney was a vote for Obama, and I couldn't deny the logic. So, that's what I did (absentee) and why I did it. If the objective is to get Obama UN-elected, there's no real choice. I don't trust Romney as far as I could throw him, but that was my choice. Maybe that will help someone else to make up their mind.
Basically, the three chief concerns of the Manhattan Declaration are also the main reasons I have very reluctantly decided to vote for a candidate I disagree with on so much else.

I have a lot of serious reservations about Romney, and I hate the thought of having to vote for him. But there are some deeply disturbing things going on in our country right now and I think we just need to hit the brakes. There are social changes like gay marriage and the president's enthusiastic support of abortion and even making religious groups pay for it. I just think we need to turn around before we go over the cliff. We're letting babies be aborted even in the eighth or ninth month. We are killing and experimenting on unborn babies and calling it medical research. We have to turn back and find our conscience as a nation.

If Romney gets in, I fully expect to be angry with him on a regular basis. But weighing everything, I have to vote for him.
Hope I’m Wrong
In fact, I hope the question proves rhetorical and I don’t have to find out through the historical process.

But I’m among those who are considerably less sanguine about the effects of an Obama victory. While I agree with the first part of Jim’s equation (i.e. regarding what is likely if Romney is elected), I have grave and respectful doubts about the second part.

My expectation is that if BHO is reelected it will mark a nigh-irreversible tipping-point in the American tilt towards marginalizing all but sycophantic Christianity. For my thought is that if today, when the determination of the 2012-2016 presidency is still up for grabs, the current administration has the chutzpah to brazenly trash the First Amendment and other articles of the Constitution, then if it wins at the ballot box on Nov 6 it will interpret that win, no matter how close the race, as a mandate to forge ahead with unbridled zeal. And if it does, what’s to stop it?

(BTW, that last is NOT a rhetorical question, in case someone would like to speak to it).

It seems to me tomorrow’s election is our last, best chance –by magnitudes of power-- to prevent a nightmare none of us who values First Amendment freedoms wants to even begin to imagine, but that we will be forced to deal with, if Obama is reelected, before he serves even half of his second term.

But I pray with all possible fervency we never have to find out.

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