How the tolerant become intolerant

Unitarian Universalist minister Marilyn Sewell writes, "I find myself in the strange position of being a liberal who is closed, in relationship with a theologically conservative evangelical who is open. I'm having to ask myself why." The piece is a remarkably honest and sobering look at the modern version of "tolerance," and worth a read.


Can't get it.
I wrote a longer response to this today.
I can see why a minister might want someone to argue with him. It proves he cares enough about the subject to put his mind to work on it.
Completely confused article, as well as writer
When I first heard the term Unitarian Universalist, I honestly thought it was a made-up thing. You know, just a joke.

And then I heard someone say that they went to such a church! I am glad I did not make a joke about it in their presence! Unfortunately, it was not someone I knew well enough to ask about their beliefs at that time.


Let me get this right. This minister (and I use the term loosely) *wanted* the Christian students to argue with her? Doesn't the fact that she calls them "unfailingly polite" demonstrate that they are the tolerant ones, not her?

My head hurts.

I could only stomach reading about half of this. Reading the whole thing would make me want to comment, and I do not wish to have to register at HuffPo and give them my information. That way lies madness.
Oh, I agree about the lack of logic, Kevin. But I thought her frank admission of her own intolerance -- for whatever reason -- was worth noting.
That piece might be "honest," Gina, but it's not very logical.

Just one example:

"So if these 'others' are offending God by their sins and are on their way to hell, what covert permission is being given to those inclined to act violently on their prejudices?"

That's utterly ridiculous. The sinfulness of the "others" doesn't change our responsibilities and obligations as Christians by one iota. We are commanded to love and forbidden to be wrongfully abusive toward others. So we clearly don't have "permission" to partake in hate crimes.

Does she think those students who treated her so nicely and respectfully are going to go out and beat up gays? There is one bigot on display in that article, and it's the writer.

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