Colleges Leave Students Woefully Unprepared

Students and parents beware: You will end up paying gobs of money for education, but after graduation, there is an ever diminishing chance of securing a living wage.

Why? Colleges offer "fluff" courses for language, logic, reading, writing, and math, says Victor Davis Hanson. Adding insult to injury, in order to instruct students in "fluff," colleges have had to hire additional staff, thereby adding to the exorbitant cost of a college education.

After spending huge amounts of money and time, graduates are left unprepared for work. They can't write or reason, but think very highly of themselves. (Think Occupy Wall Street.)

You can help to reverse this trend by helping your kids pick colleges that require them to take rigorous course work, places where teachers and administrators expect a certain level of commitment and good behavior from them. I'd also recommend that you find schools whose foundational premise starts with a belief that your son or daughter is created in the image of God.

Little by little, we can change things!


I'm glad the writer touched on internships. That situation is getting to be ridiculous. As he pointed out, fewer and fewer interns actually end up working for that company or even in their desired profession. Why would such employers hire that person, when there's an endless supply of naive young people willing to work for free?

I have personally witnessed the situation too many times. It's abusive, and we as a society are going to have to address this at some point.

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