'The Magician's Twin' Explains the Looming Threat of Scientism

Tonight a new documentary called "The Magician's Twin: C. S. Lewis & the Case against Scientism" will help explain the difference between science and scientism, and why it matters.

Science is the study of the natural world. Unarguably, because of that study, we live better lives. Not only have we put men on the moon, bountiful food on the table, and medicine in the hands of the sick, we've also been able to explore heretofore unseen regions of earth and sky through the microscope or telescope. People around the world can see awe-inspiring images, from tiny grains of sand to galaxies in the universe.

So science isn't the problem.

The problem started when mankind began elevating science beyond its purpose, making it the only way of knowing reality. Many of today's scientists are materialists. They believe the material world is all there was, is, and ever will be.

The first scientists were Christians. It was because of their faith in God that they could explore the world. If you want to know more about this I suggest reading scholar Glenn Sunshine's excellent InDepth series Christians Who Changed Their World. But materialist scientists have excluded theological knowledge as a legitimate area of study and belief--eventually deeming religion superfluous or even dangerous.

That's why John West and other scholars made "The Magician's Twin," which is airing tonight on NRB stations. Click here for more details. And here's the trailer:


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