I wonder what Michael Schiavo thinks

Doctors have managed to communicate with a Canadian man, Scott Routley, thought to be in a vegetative state. He was able to tell them that he wasn't in any pain, and brain scans confirmed that he understood their questions and deliberately chose his answers. According to BBC News, "It's the first time an uncommunicative, severely brain-injured patient has been able to give answers clinically relevant to their care."

The site adds, with typical British understatement, "His doctor says the discovery means medical textbooks will need rewriting."


@ Carol
I fully agree.
I believe it was the nation's first jolt of the coming reality. All those weeks spent hoping and praying for an outcome on the side of LIFE! The agony when she was in the process of dying, and even deeper agony when she died! The revolting audacity of Michael's exuberance! It was so ghastly!
And now, we have Obamacare (which I refer to as "DeathCare")in which groups of groups of people we don't know and who don't know us will decide our fate! I wonder (sarcasm) what they'll decide? Perhaps I should change my "handle" to "Terri 2".
@ Kevin & Carol
It was truly one of the saddest episodes in our nation's history.
Michael Schiavo
I have to say that I do NOT wonder what Michael Schiavo thinks, nor do I care. Everyone who remembers what happened knows that he is guilty of willfull (if legal) murder! Terri is, by Catholic definition, a saint, although she will almost certainly never be declared one by the Church.
I agree fully with both Mo and Kevin V. in their assessment. It was an unneccessary tragedy. I'm glad to know that Terri's father is with her, and continue to remember her family in my prayers.
On a personal note, I find it remarkable that the mother of his children married Michael after Terri died. What was she thinking??? If he got away with murder once, he'll surely try it again when she becomes an inconvenience! It's just like all the mothers who abort their babies because they happen to be an inconvenience! Now we can murder anyone because they are an inconvenience. What a scary world we live in!
Well put, Mo. My heart still breaks when I think about her family begging to be allowed to take over responsibility for her. And I'm still angered remembering the videos showing a rather lively and aware young woman, and the doctors telling us the video really didn't prove what was in fact obvious to all but those determined to see her dead.
Remarkable, and yet not really surprising to me. There have been cases of people awaking from such states after years. Others called by this most offensive term, "vegetative state" are trapped in their bodies, but they have some level of consciousness.

The most horrifying thing to me about the Terri Schiavo state-sanctioned murder was not the suffering she and her family went through. It was not even watching her husband gloat as he got away with her murder.

The most horrifying thing to me was watching professing followers of Christ supporting this murder because, "letting her die" was the right thing to do before God. (Never mind the fact that this woman was not in the process of dying at all.)

Once again, the gospel seems to make no difference in the day to day thought processes of overwhelming numbers of Christians - even in matters as morally clear-cut as that one was.

That episode changed my life, and not in a particularly good way.

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