Move forward, not back

At Mere Orthodoxy, Matthew Tuininga offers the most important and inspiring piece I've read in a while, with the provocative title "Were the 1960s when it all went wrong?" His thesis: Christians never accomplish anything by getting mired in nostalgia about the past and hopelessness about the future. History teaches us that God often does His greatest work just when we think everything's falling apart. As he puts it:

"It is not by looking back longingly to the way things once were, pessimistically writing off the future of the country as hopeless, that the individuals and groups who helped move the country forward in all of these great moments of the past did what they did. These people did not operate with the sorts of assumptions that told them they had no hope of persuading the country because the rest of the people out there were somehow too morally degenerate to be reached. They didn’t live in a bubble, seeking frantically to hold onto their own little world while the rest of it went to pot."

I can't recommend the article strongly enough.


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