On being grateful

Just in time for Thanksgiving, Englewood Review of Books offers a list of their "Top Ten Books on Cultivating Gratitude." Can you think of any that you'd add to the list?


I have a book to add to your list that is so obvious you'll smack yourself in the head after I tell you, but nobody ever thinks of! It's the Book of Psalms in the Bible! God wants us to be happy. In order to be happy, we must be thankful! Pity those poor fools who have no one to thank for all the blessings/good stuff in their lives! And where do we learn to be thankful? In the Book of Psalms! There is one in there that each of us will attach to (mine is Ps. 16) as the ultimate thanksgiving! The more we pray it, the more thankful we become. And THAT makes God happy, so WE are happy! I know it sounds childishly simple, and it is. This is pretty much the explanation for St. Therese of Liseaux's (Little Flower) "Little Way" that so many people admire.
btw, Happy Thanksgiving all!!!
_Loving God With all of Your Mind_, by Elizabeth George helped me get rid of thoughts that contained, "If only..." and "What if..." This book taught me to live in the present and thank our Creator for all of His abundant blessings.

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