Thankful for Lewis

Patheos asked its religious bloggers to write about a person of faith who had influenced them. This inspired both Joel J. Miller and Leah Libresco to write heartfelt tributes to C. S. Lewis. Both are well worth a read!


I became attracted to C.S. Lewis because he wasn't afraid to ask questions. At the time when I was inclined to ask questions.

I was always brought up with a rather simplistic theology and a fear of asking about it. The last wasn't intended and it was as much my fault as anyones; I am remarkably overscrupulous and literal minded(several times I have been told that "this sermon was hyperbole, it was aimed at such-and-such too").

My Church was a better one then many; it didn't have factionalism and it's phariseeism wasn't of the sort to turn prodigals away(it chiefly landed on elder brothers). Moreover I could at least be ignored when I wanted to be. Nontheless I often felt and still feel like Danny Saunders in The Chosen. Lewis was my Reuven Malter.

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